Kingsport leaders working to make deadly intersection safer

Kingsport leaders working to make deadly intersection safer

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Five deaths in six months those are the sad statistics for one stretch road in Kingsport.

Now city leaders are working with the department of transportation to see if anything can be done to save lives.

Informal memorials are becoming too common along Fort Henry Drive in Kingsport between John B. Dennis and the river bridge, "Too many people have lost their lives just in this one general area," says Dylan Price who is concerned about the road.

Kingsport Police tell us in the past six months five people have died in crashes.

Dylan Price who works along the road says he's scared to drive on it, "I got clipped it wasn't minor damage just kind of a scrap on the car but it was a scary experience."

Deadly accidents are causing city leaders to pair up with Tennessee Department of Transportation to see if anything can be done, "Is there a trend on causation, is there a trend that says that a certain proven technique could go in this location and improve the safety," says Kingsport Director of Public Works Ryan McReynolds.

Those are some of the things the study will look into. McReynolds tells us this section of Fort Henry Drive stays crowded during peak times in the morning and afternoon, "Are the accidents trending at a certain time of day the past one was definitely not at a peak time it was a Saturday at noon.

We learned one of the possible solutions could be additional warning signs, something Dylan Price thinks is needed, "A warning signs about the red lights instead of that little diamond thing up there it lights up red when the red light is red but you can't see it coming up with the glare of the sun." 

The city isn't sure how long the study will take.

Kingsport Public Works Director Ryan McReynolds tells us each year the city will pick intersections to review based on the crash information. Last year they picked four different intersections.

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