Kingsport fifth graders use math to lay out house plan

Some Kingsport 5th graders are building a house as a project for their math class.

Lincoln Elementary students have been learning about fractions most of the school year. The school partnered with the "If I had a Hammer" program out of Franklin County, Tennessee to set a goal of building a house.

The kids are tasked with using their knowledge to plan the build and then put it into action.

"We learned how to add and subtract and divide and multiply fractions," student Zari Brice said.

"It really brings all those fractions and those numbers that, sometimes, we struggle with as students and even teachers, it really brings it to life for them," explained teacher William Miller.

Miller added they split the 80 fifth graders into three groups. Each group builds and tears down the house so everyone gets to help with the build.

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