Kingsport City Schools promotes digital learning

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Kingsport City Schools is taking "hands-on" learning  to a whole new level.

On Wednesday, schools throughout Kingsport participated in 'Digital Learning Activities Day.'

News 5 went to Roosevelt Elementary School, where students were learning on iPads and smart screens.

The school's principal, Mike Folkerson, tells us each classroom room has two or three iPads that are equipped with grade school-level learning apps.

Folkerson tells us going forward, he only hopes to expand their innovative approach to hands-on learning. "We are very creative in trying to get technology in the hands of students. We can't necessarily purchase in bulk," said Mike Folkerson, "but we just have to get a small amount each year to build up to where we want to be. We eventually want to have a device for every student."

Roosevelt Elementary wasn't the only school that showed off their new learning toys -- 11 other city schools showcased gadgets like engineering robots and other computer-based learning programs.

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