Kids returned home after parents cleaned up home

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - After their home was deemed unlivable, four parents cleaned it up in hopes of getting their kids back after the Department of Children's Services removed them from the home and placed with family members.

Today some of them were returned.

"Sad, scared, upset," said Summer Williams. Those were the feelings Summer Williams said she felt when she was taken away from her home last week after her parents were charged with child neglect, accused of having a dirty home that was deemed unlivable.

However, after some scrubbing and elbow grease, the Williams were able to get their three kids back home. "It was exciting. We cried a lot," said Lily Williams, mother of the children.

"I was happy, excited," said Summer.

News 5 sat down with Lily Williams, who told us she understands why someone would have reported them. "If you put yourself in his shoes, you would have done the same thing. He just didn't know the situation," said Lily Williams. 

Lily says they caught them at a hectic time, but she says it was an eye-opener and she never wants to lose her kids again. "They said they'd come out every other day unexpectedly just to make sure everything was going good," she said.

One of the other mothers in the home, April Lawson, who also had her four children taken away, says they're making every effort to keep their families together. "Even if I'm sick or not, I'll make sure if they make a mess, we help pick it up," said Lawson.

"We're going to continue to do everything to make sure it doesn't happen again like this," said Lily Williams.

April Lawson said she is hopeful to have her kids returned to her very soon. She and her husband Phillip Lawson are charged with felony child neglect because of the young age of their children.

As for Lily and Walter Williams, they are charged with child neglect.

Both couples are scheduled to appear in court tomorrow.

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