Hulsey still surprised he upset Shipley in election

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Election day brought a victory for Bud Hulsey against incumbent Representative Tony Shipley for the Republican nomination for State House District 2 was probably a surprise to some, including the winner. But he says, "it's not over yet."

He says he will still be campaigning against J.R. Enfield who is running as an Independent, and that he will still be sticking to the same platform that he's used throughout his campaign.

"The position we've taken all along is that this is not at all about me, at all. It's about all of us, and that's a very important thing to me, because I think people need, we need division ended and fences mended, and we need this whole district to come together," said Hulsey on Friday.

Hulsey, a former Kingsport Police Lieutenant, retired from the department after 36 years last July. He beat Rep. Shipley by 1,655 votes, pulling in almost 60% of the ballots.

Hulsey's campaign manager Mike Locke was killed by a suspected drunk driver in June while Locke was putting up campaign signs.

Hulsey told News 5 on Election Night that he would like to work on legislation that could address Locke's death.  Kingsport police say they arrested the man suspected of killing Locke, James Hamm, Jr. just days before the accident for apparently driving under the influence.

Hamm is expected in court in September.

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