Gun store will open next to Andrew Jackson Elementary School

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - We have new facts on a gun store setting up shop next to Andrew Jackson Elementary School in Kingsport, Tenn.

We found out the store will open now that the city has approved rezoning the property.

Freedom Firearms store owners were getting ready for opening day on Wednesday.

"We should be full force by the second week in January," said owner Rodney Pierson.

Kingsport's  Mayor and Board of Alderman unanimously approved re-zoning of the property on Tuesday night. It  allows Pierson to sell firearms at that location.

"It feels great," Pierson told us. "I'm glad we got approved."

The store is right across the street from Andrew Jackson Elementary School, which is why they had a hard time getting the re-zoning approved.

Kingsport City Schools spokesperson Andy True told us, however, that they support the city's decision to allow the store to sell guns.

"It's up to the city to make that call and we understand and trust that they've vetted the process thoroughly as they've gone through the decision making process," True said.

Andrew Jackson has the district's most updated security to keep students safe if guns get into the wrong hands, True told us.

"This year we rebuilt the entire front entrance so it is a more safe, more secure environment," said True.

Visitors have to be buzzed in through locked doors and then sign in on a computer. They have to make it through another locked door after that to get access to the school.

Across the street, Pierson was preparing his own security system.

"We'll lock our guns up when we leave," he said. "We've got bars so we'll lock the bars, the alarm systems, I mean all of this is completely protected."

He told us no one can enter or leave the store with a loaded gun.

They will have a few assault rifles, Pierson said, but background checks will be required for all gun sales.

Pierson told us children won't be allowed in the store without a parent.

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