Good Samaritans honored by police

Good Samaritans honored by police

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - A fiery car crash in Kingsport this weekend claimed the lives of two people, and police believe if it hadn't been for Good Samaritans at the scene more lives would have been lost.

58-year-old Walter Bellamy passed away Tuesday. His wife and son are still in the hospital. Their car, along with the one police say hit them at 104 miles per hour, burst into flames. 

Chris Faber and four other men who were at the scene did everything they could to save the family by pulling them from the burning SUV.

We've learned the group of brave men will receive official recognition from the Kingsport Police Department. "At first when I pulled up I thought I needed to stay back because [the car] was on fire, but as soon as I realized there were still people in there, it just shut off and I was worried about the people in there," says Chris Faber.

The five men, all Tri-Cities residents, will get a citizens' award and be honored at an upcoming city board meeting.

The Good Samaritans tried to get the driver out of the car that hit the SUV, but couldn't because of all the flames. 

That person's names hasn't yet been released.

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