FunFest preps are underway in Kingsport

FunFest preps are underway in Kingsport

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - FunFest begins Friday in Kingsport and preparations are underway for a busy schedule of events.

On Tuesday some families were getting a jump start on the action with the annual trash barrel paint-in at the Allendale Mansion. "What makes these barrels unique is that they're painted individually with a ton of different things, a ton of different ideas and colors from all the folks that come out and joins us today," Robin Cleary told us.

Just getting ready for the nine-day event has families here excited for the fun that's ahead. "Hopefully the weather holds out. You've got all these events for the kids and they have a really good time. It's just really important to get the family together for that week," Kevin Marsh said.

Director Lucy Fleming says so far there's been a great response from the community, especially the Hunter Hayes concert. "That has been the talk and I have seen so many dads who have gotten up early in the morning to buy tickets. The girls have been down here and the guys, and it's going to be a super show," adds FunFest Director Lucy Fleming.

New for this year's event, the Aquatics Center will be hosting three events: a cardboard boat race, an outdoor swim party and a beginner triathlon. "The Aquatics Center is brand-new and it's a great time for us to get people used to going there," adds Fleming.

It's not only Kingsport residents gearing up for FunFest, but business owners say they too are ready for a fun-filled week as well. "It's a community gathering. It brings a whole lot of people together in a localized environment which it gives a business opportunity to capitalize on a lot of local stuff," Thomas Keller, owner of TK's Big Dogs told us.

All the action kicks off Friday with Mardi Gras at 11:30 a.m. on Broad Street in Downtown Kingsport.

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