FunFest events halted because of severe weather

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - This week's heavy rain and flooding have put a damper on Kingsport's FunFest, causing emergency evacuation plans to be put into action. 

Festival-goers were ushered into the Dobyns-Bennett dome Thursday afternoon.

News 5 learned the first night of the Taste of Tri-Cities was cut short Wednesday after floodwater and storms became too dangerous. Officials say water swept away a few of the pop-up tents and pooled along the road.

Director Lucy Fleming tells us, everything is on schedule and safe to kickoff Thursday's concerts.

 "We've talked with the health department. They've come through and looked last night.  We made sure the electrical systems were okay and so they didn't lose any freezers or cooling spaces and everybody seems to be good to go right now," said Fleming.

We're told if the weather takes a turn for the worst Thursday night, FunFest crews won't hesitate to evacuate crowds to a safe location again.

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