Fundraiser provides first aid kits for police K-9s

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - First aid kits for K-9s -- a donation was all made possible because of a generous donation, and today the Kingsport Police Department thanked those who pitched in.

On Saturday, October 12, 2013, Companion Animal Hospital held "Fluffapalooza," a privately-sponsored benefit for the KPD K-9 unit.

The fundraiser brought in about $900. That money has been used to purchase pre-assembled police K-9 first aid trauma kits.

Sgt. Kevin Hite, a former K-9 handler who now supervises the K-9 unit, stated, "It is our hope that these kits never have to be utilized; however, in the event their use becomes necessary, the contents of these kits may be the only thing that helps save the life of one of our dogs."

Dr. Jody Thomas of Companion Animal Hospital said that most of the items in these kits are used every day in their veterinary clinic.

She has pledged to replace free of charge, any items from the kit that have to be used or expire due to lack of use.

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