Fun Fest ends, clean-up begins

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Another year of Fun Fest has come to an end but now, the clean-up is underway.

"People are anticipating to recycle and they want to, so let's do it," says Lucy Fleming.

Fun Fest Director Lucy Fleming says recycling was a vital part of this year's Fun Fest success and she's hoping the city will continue to participate in the recycling efforts from here on out because it helped make the job of the trash busters that much easier.

"We're also looking at our food vendors down here to move away from styrofoam to more biodegradable products so you'll start seeing that as a slow shift as we move forward," adds Fleming.

More than 150,000 people attended this year's Fun Fest.

Fun Fest Chairman George DeCroes says he's not only happy with the turnout, but also pleased with how well people responded to the recycling initiative. 

"The citizens are being a little more conscious about litter and about putting things in their proper receptacle and recycling so I was really pleased with that," adds DeCroes.

The clean-up started right after Train's concert ended Saturday night.

Fleming also tells News 5 they had a few  cameras and car keys in their lost and found. If you are still missing something you lost at Fun Fest, you can either contact the Kingsport Chamber of Commerce or the Kingsport Police Department.

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