'Food for Kids' program receives grant

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Second Harvest Food Bank received money to help their 'Food for Kids' program.

Ameriprise Financial donated $5,000. The program gives more than 4,000 kids in need healthy, ready-to-eat meals to take home from school every other weekend. It costs the program $93 to give meals to one child.

The money donated Friday will help around 50 kids for the school year.

Craig Torbett with Ameriprise says the children are the future of our community, so we'll thrive if our children do, and that's why they wanted to help. "Unfortunately in East Tennessee we realize that is a huge and often times unfortunately unmet need. So anything we can do either with our personal efforts or the foundation's money from Ameriprise, we're just happy to be able to do that," adds Torbett.

Friday was also a day of service for Ameriprise employees and dozens of them were at Second Harvest helping to fill boxes for 'Project Thanksgiving.'

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