FOLLOW-UP: Story prompts city to install guardrail

Guardrail installed

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - We have a follow-up on a story we told you about last November.

It was a close call that had Steve Hall pleading for change.

We told you about his request for a guardrail when a van crashed just feet away from his home at the intersection of Beverly Hill and Locust Streets. "I was just grateful that the tree stopped the van from going through my house," Hall told News 5.

Unprotected from future crashes, Hall worried next time he wouldn't be so lucky. 

It was a few months after our story aired that he learned his voice was heard. "I came out one morning, I looked out my front door and my dogs started barking. I looked out, and they were out here installing a guardrail," said Hall.

Kingsport Public Works' streets and sanitation manager, Ronnie Hammonds told us it was our story that brought this concern to their attention.

"After we heard about the resident's concern and checked into it, the amount of accidents and everything we decided that the guardrail was worth it at this location," Hammonds explained.

At $2,500 this 20 foot sheet of steel doesn't just offer protection; for Hall, it's pure relief. "I feel a lot better about my house and my family, but mostly just safety," Hall added.

"You can't put a price on people's lives," said Hammonds.

Even with the guardrail in place, officials said it is still important you drive slowly down this road, because of the sharp curve and steep slope. "Obey the speed limit in a neighborhood and drive carefully," added Hammonds.

But if a mistake is made, now there's backup. "It's there to serve the purpose if it needs to serve it," said Hall.

And Hall couldn't be prouder or feel safer.

If you have similar concerns about an area in your neighborhood, we learned you can contact the city of Kingsport by reporting a concern here on their website.

You can also call the public works department at (423) 229-9451.

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