Flooded homeowners can apply for grant money

Kingsport flooding aid

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - It's been six weeks since severe flooding impacted Kingsport. Homeowners and downtown businesses are still working to recover, but a new grant may help.

If you walk into the stores on Broad Street in Downtown Kingsport it's hard to see any damage.

"We've had about $9,000 in merchandise damage," says Leslie May, co-owner of Style.

But store owners say they're still working to recover. "Definitely, I think almost everybody on this block is still doing that," May said.

Many stores along Broad Street were closed about a week for clean up. "We lost a ton of inventory; we couldn't keep anything because of mold. We just made a decision if it was at all questionable we were going to throw it out," says Anna Rogers, owner of Bear 'N Friends Toy Shoppe.

As city residents work to get back to normal, some are doing so with the help of a small business administration or SBA loan.

But now there's also a new grant they may help. "Anyone that has applied for a SBA whether they received it or were denied can apply through the federal home loan bank of Cincinnati. It's a disaster reconstruction program," says Jim Bean, EMA Director of Sullivan County.

The SBA loan can be used for property or contents. The grant money can be used for re-construction. The grant is only open to homeowners.

Bean says there's no way to find out how many people have applied for loans, but 35 people did come to one-on-one meetings at the Kingsport Chamber.

For more information about loans, grants and deadlines call the EMA office at 423-323-6912.

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