Easter breakfast adds to local church congregation

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Christian churches all across the region celebrated the Easter holiday Sunday.

Cassidy United Methodist Church in Kingsport is one of those. Sunday morning, the church held a special breakfast to invite newcomers in for Easter services.

They tell us it is an opportunity for the church to share their message with the community. "That's really the key, is individual Christians have to be reaching out to the people around them, their neighbors, their families, all of those people who maybe haven't had the full opportunity of what it means to call Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior," Pastor Chuck Griffin said. "That's what we encourage here is that people make those individual outreach efforts. We just try to create opportunities where it is easier to make those invitations. This breakfast is one example."

A church service followed the breakfast. During that service, members of the congregation released white balloons to symbolize the Christian belief of Jesus's rising from the tomb on Easter Sunday.

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