Dobyns-Bennett construction on schedule

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - It's been a noisy year for Dobyns-Bennett High School students as construction continues on the J. Fred Johnson stadium. Work on the stadium began in October 2013. It's expected to cost $4.59 million.

"All in all, it's going very well," said David Mason, the city construction project manager.

He told us they've finished the sewers and storm drains, and have installed helical pipes, which are used as part of the foundation.

"They're working on the concrete foundation now," said Mason. "Next will be block and steel work."

Mason told us, as the steel arrives, they'll start to work on the stands.

"The restroom and concessions stand portion of the grandstands is going to be a two level concrete block structure that's in the core of the facility," he said.

The project will add another level of seating and expand the walkways. The renovated stadium will also be more handicap friendly with another accessible entrance in the back. The new entrance will have a bridge connecting it to the track, behind the stadium.

Construction crews have already completed an access road, running between the stadium and the track. We're told the road will be paved once the project nears completion.

Kingsport City Schools told us they've been monitoring the progress of the project.

"Little by little we see the changes that are occurring and we know some of the bigger visible type changes that are coming down the road," said spokesperson Andy True.

True said they're looking forward to having more fans filling into the additional seats at the renovated stadium.

"We're excited to see that community atmosphere continue to build as we support our programs and the renovations I think will provide a nice atmosphere for that," said True.

Parents told us the extra space in the renovated stadium will help the Dobyns-Bennett band.

"It's going to offer some space in the press box so directors can be up there and look at the band in pregame and half time, look at their steps, look at how they're marching and be able to give feedback to students," said David Golden, the band booster club president.

Golden told us the community is anxious for the renovations.

"It's a great experience just to take the field at J. Fred Johnson stadium but to take it in a renovated stadium is just going to be a great experience for anyone," he said.

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