Devastating house fire rekindles

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Firefighters returned Saturday to the scene of a house fire that happened Friday night when it rekindled.

Firefighters told us the damage was still so severe that they couldn't enter the home on Dublin Road.

They surrounded the house Saturday trying to find a safe way inside. "We got a few on the very edge, but we can't go any further than two or three feet in the door," said Chris Barbour, a firefighter with the Sullivan County Fire Department.

Part of the floor and a wall collapsed Friday night after an oil lamp spilled in the basement, spreading fire throughout the whole house, Barbour told us.

"The whole end of the house was in flames and it had gotten that way in about 10 minutes," said neighbor Hazel Mills. She told News 5 that the Spangler family lived in the home and got out unharmed.

We're told the family, including three children, were at home when the fire started. "It went so fast they said they just had to get out," said Mills.

Shortly after firefighters got to the scene, the floor over the garage collapsed, forcing them out, said Barbour.

Five firefighting crews extinguished the fire but they were called back Saturday morning. "We [had] some fire in the basement, just a few hot spots we couldn't reach last night where the structure was unsafe," Barbour said.

The family isn't allowed back inside the home. A small table is their only possession now.

Mills was one of two neighbors who went door-to-door Saturday collecting donations. "They have three kids that are devastated," Mills said. "They didn't even get out with shoes."

The neighbors were able to raise about $3,000 for the family, Mills estimates.

The American Red Cross is also assisting the family.

We're told the Spanglers are currently staying with family and friends.

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