Complaints continue against former Mt. Carmel Vice Mayor

Reports continue to pour into the Kingsport Police Department with callers claiming they are victims of inappropriate, even potentially dangerous, acts on the road.

Former Vice Mayor of Mount Carmel William Blakely is charged with two counts of indecent exposure, three counts of attempt to commit aggravated assault, and three counts felony reckless endangerment, but more could be pending.

Disturbing distractions on the road; those are the allegations against William Blakley.

Last week charges were filed against him claiming he was exposing himself and making obscene gestures to women while driving his truck, and we learned the complaints keep coming.

As of Tuesday evening, the Kingsport Police Department has received at least 42 phone calls with similar allegations.

"We're still taking calls. People are still coming in. We can't field the calls and type the reports fast enough," said Detective Terry Christian.

We spoke with one victim over the phone who did not wish to reveal her identity at this time. She told us she was driving on 11-W when Blakely caught up with her.

"He like started swerving; pulling up beside of my car," said the victim.

She said despite his suggestive gestures she refused to lift up her shirt.

"He started honking the horn and all that, and then I look over, and he actually got his butt lifted off of the seat," the victim told us.

The whole incident-- she called it gross; even scary.

"It concerned me that it could escalate into something worse than that," the victim said.

We went to Mount Carmel where Blakely once served as Vice Mayor and an Alderman.    

Residents there told us they are just as disgusted at the allegations.  

"I am disappointed, because really it makes the whole town look bad," said Steven Williams, a Mount Carmel resident.    

Police said these incidents may have happened in multiple jurisdictions over a span of three years. If you feel like you're a victim, they say it's best to get all the details you can about the vehicle and suspect, and file a police report.

Once all potential charges are filed, detectives said they will bring this case before a grand jury.

Police said Blakely is out on bond, so we went by his house to get his side of the story, and no one answered the door.

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