Collision of visions cause 'No Confidence' vote for Wellmont

'No confidence' vote for Wellmont Administration

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - We're learning more information about the 'no confidence' vote the Wellmont Health System Administration received from some doctors.

Thursday we sat down with Wellmont Health System's CEO Denny DeNarvaez who said the vote seemed to come from not enough communication.

Healthcare is moving in a new direction and that has some doctors and administration at odds. "This is a collision of how do we do the best thing for patients versus how we look at structure or facility-based structure," says Scott Fowler, President of Accountable Care Organization.

Fowler tells News 5 that's what caused the vote of 'no confidence' towards the Wellmont Health System Administration, not communication issues. "I do think the doctors understand what the hospital is trying to accomplish; they just don't agree with it in the places where it interferes with their vision of what good patient care ought to be," adds Fowler.

Wellmont Health System's CEO Denny DeNarvaez says they acknowledge healthcare is moving towards a "patient-centered" care. "We know it's that way. We're going from 'pay to service' to 'pay for value'," says DeNarvaez.

DeNarvaez says this week they have already added steps to move towards patient-centered care. "We're keeping our eye on the prize, which is always going to be service and quality at a cost-effective basis," adds DeNarvaez.

Fowler tells us the doctors are worried the hospital is more concerned with the business. "They are focused on patient care issues. The hospitals are focused on for the most part the facilities and business part and the things that have traditionally been important," says Fowler.

DeNarvaez tells News 5 they are working to do what's best for the patient and provide them with a high quality of care.

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