Cold weather causes slow Memorial Day weekend for pools

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - The colder temperatures may have put a damper on some of your Memorial Day weekend plans -- pools had a lower turnout than usual during the holiday.

It was a big weekend for the Kingsport Aquatic Center Saturday: they finally opened the gates to their new outdoor water park. "There's so much excitement about this facility. People have been calling all week wondering when our opening time is," said Kingsport Aquatic Center Director, Kari Matheney.

However, colder temperatures rolled in just in time for the opening day. Matheney says regardless of how cold the water is, people are determined to enjoy this holiday weekend. "We have people already in the lazy river, people are coming in checking out the facility, and getting the lounge chairs set up to enjoy some sunshine," said Matheney.  

In Bristol, Virginia at the YMCA pool, they are seeing quite a few open chairs too, something that's unusual for this time of year. "A holiday weekend is usually pretty good but with 40 degree weather at night that means the water is going to be really cold," said John Mack with the Bristol YMCA.

There are a few brave people who say they don't care how cold it is. "It's really fun no matter what. Yes, the water is cold, but it's still amazing to play outside," said Faith Ayers.

"The water isn't really that bad when we first got in. It was a little cold but after that you got used to it. The lazy river was wonderful, so it really wasn't that bad at all," said Lesley Christian.

Even though the turnout poolside hasn't been as busy, workers at both facilities say there will be a lot of warm days ahead. "We've got all summer," said Matheney.

"As the water warms up and as the temperatures warm up it'll be full," said Mack.

Everyone we spoke with agrees no matter the temperatures outside, it's a great time to spend time with your family.

Mack says they expected the turnout to be low because of the weather, and they were pleased with activity over Memorial Day weekend.

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