Cold snap brings heating problems to light

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - After temperatures dropped to the 30s and 20s today many of you headed home to get out of the elements, but a few folks found that home wasn't such a comfortable place.

The phones are ringing off the hook up at Kingsport Heating and Air.
Because people like Nikki Simpson are calling with a cold and inconvenient problem.

"Well I was at work and my children called and said mom it's cold in the house. So I came home and checked it out and it wasn't working currently," said Nikki Simpson.

It was her heating unit.

"So I immediately called Kingsport Heating and Air," said Simpson.

"Through the summer when the air conditioner is working so it doesn't necessarily mean that your heat pump is going to work," said Rick Millsap.

Kingsport Heating and Air owner Rick Millsap tells News 5 Simpson is one of more than 20 people who called them Tuesday about heating problems in their homes and businesses.

And as the temperatures fell, more calls came in. Most of their calls came between 5 and 6:00 p.m. when people were getting home from work.

"When it goes down into the teens tonight we'll have 40 calls tomorrow," said Millsap.

And for people who Millsap's 5 service techs can't reach and for those who don't have a warm place to stay the Salvation Army is opening their doors.

Shelter Manager Heather Hudson says the current conditions call for a "white flag."

"If temperatures fall below 40 degrees anybody in the community who needs a place to stay can come. We'll convert our dining room here into a shelter," said Heather Hudson.

Nikki Simpson had to spend some extra money, but she and her family will be warm.

"It's well worth it, because I don't won't to be cold," said Simpson.

Heating technicians tell News 5, you should not be alarmed it you smell a burning the day you turn on your heat it is typically just dirt build up from overtime and it will eventually go away.

If it doesn't or you have other heating issues, it's important to get your unit checked out.

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