City of Kingsport looks ahead to new developments and new fiscal year

New Kingsport developments

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - The city of Kingsport is growing and city officials say there's even bigger things to look forward to.

It's being called one of the 'cities on the rise' in Tennessee and Kingsport city manager Jeff Fleming agrees.

"Our employers are thriving, so if our employers are thriving, then of course we're also seeing that spin-off effect," Fleming adds.

As the fiscal year comes to an end in Kingsport, a total of 600 building permits were issued. That's over a $128 million, up over $66 million from 2013.

And with Eastman Chemical Company deciding to keep their global headquarters in the city, it's only looking up from here.

"That's the largest building permit of course in the city's history, and that's currently under construction," Fleming adds.

And that's not the only building. Downtown continues to blossom too. On Broad Street, Macado's plans to open near the end of September, and across the street, there's new lofts.

Fleming tells News 5 during this next fiscal year they're looking forward to just focusing on the fundamentals, with a lot of the efforts on this core part of downtown.

Although 2015 won't necessarily stack up to 2014, Fleming says the city's regaining momentum.

"Well, anytime that you have a large permit, like a global headquarters, that's going to be a max and that will not be sustainable long-term. But, I do think that it will have a very positive ripple effects across the years," Fleming says.

Fleming also adds that it's encouraging to see residential development making a positive impact, and the city will continue focusing on new jobs, exisiting opportunites and ways to expand.

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