BlueCross BlueShield says healthcare premiums are expected to rise

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - BlueCross BlueShield President and CEO Bill Gracey stopped by the Kingsport Rotary Meeting Wednesday to talk about the future of healthcare.

Gracey told the crowd that because of the Affordable Health Care Act, premiums are expected to rise in 2014 by 20 to 30 percent for individuals and five to 10 percent for groups.

He says says after the initial rate shock, it should be less of a hurdle in the future. "I don't think the price changes will be as dramatic in 2015 as they will be in 2013-2014, but I think as new people are coming on board and moving in the exchange, we will continue to see a pricing impact," said Gracey.

Gracey also says 50 million people are currently without healthcare and that he believes the Affordable Healthcare Act will provide more access.

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