Blood donations need in the region

KIGNSPORT, Tenn. -  The severe winter weather across the region has caused some problems for area blood donations.

Sunday, people were rolling up their sleeves trying to help. Wellmont Health System's Marsh Regional Blood Center held a blood drive at Christ Fellowship Church in Kinsport Sunday.

Many blood drives were cancelled last week because of  the snow and now there is a greater need for blood. We are told there is a need for every blood type.

Nurse Carolyn Rutledge tells us, "we're always in need of O negative because that's the universal that we give to everybody, so we're always in need of it. Of course, the most popular blood types are O positive and A positive, so we go through a lot of that, but for the most part we need all of it."

Donors are always welcomed at the Marsh Regonal's Collection Center in Kingsport and Bristol

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