Barrel Paint-In helps kick off FunFest

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - 400 people gathered in Kingsport today to paint barrels in preparation for Fun Fest.

The 32-year old tradition is an all-around, eco-friendly project. The event encourages others to keep Kingsport litter-free in a fun and colorful way.

Director of Keep Kingsport Beautiful Robin Cleary explains, "These barrels will be taken out and used in all of the different Fun Fest events over the next week and a half. We also use these barrels throughout the year, last year about 110 different events throughout the city of Kingsport."

People of all ages participated in the Barrel Paint-In, and there were seven category winners.

Under 6 Winner:  Luke Fallin

 Age 6-8 Winner:  Zack Golden

 Age 9-11 Winner:  Seth Wilder

 Age 12-17 Winner:  Mackenzie Parker

 Age 18 & Over Winner:  Tiffany Gildea

 Special Friends – Chip Hale Center residents

 Terry Light Memorial Award – Miranda Jesse

Fun Fest will officially kick-off Friday with Mardi Gras sponsored by Regions bank. For the full festival line-up, visit

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