Arrests made on Bancroft Chapel Road meth lab

KINGSPORT, TN - Two arrests have now been made from a meth bust in Kingsport.

We've learned that police suspected that Anthony and Tara Tuell were making meth. When they went to their home to question them, police learned that the Tuells had moved out of their trailer.

That's when police tell us 50 shake and bake bottles were found across the street. Police told News 5 that it proved their suspicions to be true.

Anthony Tuell is being charged with promotion of methamphetamine and initiation of methamphetamine manufacture process.

Tara Tuell has been charged with promotion of methamphetamine.

Public Information Officer Leslie Earhart tells News 5 that their technology is helping them catch more meth addicts. "We can track the purchase of pseudoephedrine and after a person purchases a certain amount that system alerts us," she explained.

Earhart continued to add that meth is a problem in all regions, but Sullivan County is not seeing an abnormal amount of them.

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