AEP says they've seen a variety of things bringing down the poles

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Appalachian Power crews have been working since Thursday, hoping to get the power back on for their customers. "We've seen a lot of limbs on the lines and a few broke poles," said Corey Blackmon.

It's all hands on deck as workers try to restore power to each and every home.

"Just the small area here we've got about 50 working and probably in our district we have around 3 to 5 hundred," said Chris Gilmer, Line Crew Supervisor.

Gilmer says many of the outages are due to damage to the lines. "We've had a little damage from the actual weight of the snow itself being on the lines, most of it has been the heavy snow on the trees," he said.

Which he said caused the trees to fall on to the lines, but we learned sometimes outages are caused when people drive too quickly on slick roads, causing problems to power poles. "We're fixing this pole because a car slid off the road because of the ice," said Blackmon.

Therefore, it's a good reminder to slow down during winter weather and use extreme caution, because it's not all mother nature's fault. "Oh yeah if the trees aren't doing it, the cars are," said Gilmer.

While they're working hard, Gilmer says there is still a lot of work to be done.

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