4-year-old in Kingsport has a rare tumor on her face

4-year-old with rare tumor

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Most children at the age of four don't have much to worry about, maybe just getting a few bumps and scrapes. But one young girl in Kingsport is dealing with much more.

Taylin Steadman is like any 4-year-old. She loves spending time with her brother and playing outside, but lately Taylin's mom has been spending a lot of time with her daughter in and out of doctor's offices. "You think, 'How am I supposed to get through this?'" says Taylin's mom Ashley Hite.

Little Taylin has a tumor on the right side of her face. Doctors see it, but don't know why it's there. "They've never seen anything like it around here. The ear, nose, and throat specialist in Johnson City that did her biopsy said, 'I've never seen anything like this in my career,'" adds Ashley.

At first Ashley thought it was caused by a fall, but it never got better; instead it continued to grow. "Within a few weeks of it being the size of a walnut, it now has covered this whole side of her face. It's over half of her face," she said.

In June doctors told Taylin's family it could be a childhood cancer, but Thursday, Ashley got encouraging news. "They are thinking that it may be a benign tumor, which is non-cancerous, which is awesome to hear. But whatever it is it is just continuously growing," she said.

Taylin is now waiting for surgery next month to have the tumor removed. Until then, her medical bills continue to add up, "I've had to take a lot of time off from work, so that financially puts a hurt on everything," says Ashley.

So for now she waits and prays. "She stays in good spirits about it. She keeps telling me she's going to be okay and that Jesus is going to take care of her, and I believe that," adds Ashley.

Friends and family are holding a fundraiser this weekend to help raise money to pay for medical bills and transportation for the family to and from Vanderbilt.

They will have a car wash at the Advance Auto on East Stone Drive in Kingsport. It will be Saturday from 10 until 5 and Sunday from noon until 5.

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