Kingsport boy out of surgery on heart valve following transplants

Seven-year-old walks for first time since rare surgery

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - Weston Keeton, the 7-year old that underwent a rare heart and double-lung transplant, has come out of his surgery to fix a leaky heart valve.

His mother, Julie Keeton, tells News 5 WCYB that, "he looks good" but emphasizes that the first 48-hours are critical.

"Surgery on a heart post lung transplant is unheard of, but Weston cannot continue to recover without the operation", Keeton wrote.  Until Wednesday, the Keeton family plans to spend as much time as they can with Weston while his medical team prepares for many unknowns.  

Julie Keeton also said air in Weston's bowel makes him miserable because he can't eat or drink.  She tells News 5 the valve surgery will be the only way he can get stronger. 

"We appreciate all the prayers.  God has big plans for this boy!", said Keeton. 

If you wish to send a personal note of pictures to the Keetons you can send them to: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, 3401 Civic Center Blvd., Weston Keeton, 6 South, Philadelphia, PA 19104 

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