Kingsport Aquatic Center hosts cardboard boat race for Fun Fest

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - At the Kingsport Aquatic Center on day two of Fun Fest, people got to test their boating skills. Their cardboard boating skills, that is.

People rowed, rowed, rowed their cardboard boats gently down the pool at the aquatic center. "It's just made out of cardboard, but it's about as rigid as a canoe," a participant said.

Teams with unique designs and costumes raced homemade boats. Grat Correll and his son Drew, team Viking Marauder, spent four months making theirs. "Four gallons of contact cement, two gallons of paint, an entire case of liquid nails, and more cardboard than I can remember," Grat Correll says.

Construction of the Super Chef boat, captained by David Osterhus, started on Memorial Day. It took 100 hours to make. "We got pizza boxes here, these are true Chef's Pizzeria boxes, we got pepperoni pizza with some olives, some mushrooms, and cheese," Osterhus says.

This is the fourth year Osterhus tested the waters. "Today we were a little unstable, we were a little top-heavy and we sunk, but it was a lot of fun anyway," he says.

A few boats sank and many struggled with the turn at the end of the pool. But kids and adults all competed for the coveted cardboard trophy.

The Viking Marauders didn't win one, but they say they have a different game plan for next year. "We've got a plan to be even better next year, so look for the Viking Marauders to come back," Grat Correll says.

Teams paid $10 entry fee to participate in the race.

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