Johnson County

Johnson County Man still missing

JOHNSON COUNTY, Tenn. - It's been one week since an elderly man with Alzheimer's went missing in Johnson County, Tennessee.

Members of First United Methodist Church in Johnson County said a special prayer for a very special member.

"The way I can best describe harry for you is that he is a gentleman and a gentle man," said Family friend, John Borst.

Borst met 82-year-old Harry Rosenberg 6 years ago, not long before Harry became sick.

"Harry became inflicted with Alzheimer proximately 4 years ago I believe is when he was diagnosed," said Borst.

Harry's illness began to eat away his mind. "He had his good days and his bad days, but he always remembered his Wife, Donna and where he lived," said Borst.

However, the illness didn't keep harry from taking his daily walks.

"He wasn't directly supervised, everybody in the community kept an eye out for harry," said Borst.

But about a week ago-harry went out for a walk, and never returned home. Friends tell me, his Wife Donna took action. "She immediately enlisted the help of some of her friends and neighbors to start looking for him," said Borst.

Borst says the search started on Sunday and ended on Thursday before the snowstorm.

Friends, family and neighbors continued to put the word out in hopes to find Harry.

Including a facebook page and Youtube video, made by his Granddaughters.

"We're still hopeful that something will turn up and that the resolution will be something we'd prefer," said Borst.

Volunteers and search have been looking in the nearby Cherokee National Forest, but so far haven't found any signs of the missing man.

The Rosenberg Family says they are so grateful and appreciative for the support and help of everyone who has taken time to look for Rosenberg.

If you have any information of his possible where-abouts, contact the Johnson County Sheriff's department at 423-727-7761. 

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