Johnson County

Former county employee sentenced to probation

JOHNSON COUNTY, Tenn. - The former secretary to the Johnson County mayor will spend the next three-and-a-half years on probation.

In September, Kelly Horne, once the secretary to Johnson County mayor, Larry Potter, pled guilty to stealing over $40,000 from county funds.   

We were at her sentencing hearing Friday morning.

Horne told the court she apologizes to the citizens of Johnson County for her actions.

Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood denied her judicial diversion, ordering three-and-a-half years of probation.  

We spoke with the county to get his reaction.

"It's my belief when you work for the citizens of Johnson County, or any county, whether it be the mayor or someone [else]... you are a trust of the county. You work for the taxpayers, and so I agree with the judge's decision," Potter told News 5.

We checked court records and learned a civil suit is filed against Horne by the county's insurance company to pay back the money she pled guilty to stealing.

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