Johnson County

Family is looking for answers after apparent murder-suicide

Murder-suicide investigation

JOHNSON COUNTY, Tenn. - A family is left asking why after a shooting and police stand-off in Johnson County on Saturday night into Sunday morning.

That shooting ended with one man wounded and a mother and her six-year-old dead. The sheriff's office tells us Heather Finely Buchanan wounded her boyfriend, killed her 6 year old daughter Alexis Renea Buchanan then turned the gun on herself.

Shock, heart break, and tears are how one family is trying to get through an unimaginable situation. The Johnson County Sheriff's Office tells us Heather Finely Buchanan shot and killed her 6-year-old daughter Alexis Renea Buchanan then took her own life Sunday morning, "I'm just devastated that was my daughter and granddaughter", says Buchanan's mother Mary Lewis.

"The outcome of this I just can't understand. She wasn't that kind of woman", adds Buchanan's aunt Mary Lewis.

Vicky Lewis tells us she talked to Buchanan earlier Saturday night and could tell something was wrong. Lewis tells us she asked her daughter if she was on drugs and she said no, that's when she asked to talk to her granddaughter, "I got the little granddaughter on the phone and said what is wrong with your momma and she said she was just crazy in her mind, crazy in her head," says Vicky Lewis.

Family members tell us Buchanan had a history of drug problems, "I don't know what all they were on but I know there were drugs involved. I think that's a part of what's happened to them," adds Mary Lewis.

Mary Lewis tells us 6-year-old Alexis knew about her mother's problems and was worried about her, "She told me nothing bad was going to happen to her or her mommy because she talked to Jesus everyday and that he told her he would take care of her and her mommy," adds Lewis.

Mary Lewis says despite Buchanan's drug problems, little Alexis wanted to be with her mom, "She loved her mommy very much she didn't want to be apart from her," says Lewis.

Alexis was a first grader at Roan Creek Elementary School, and her family tells me she loved school, "She was just fun loving, out-going, and loved school," adds Vicky Lewis.

"She was a great child she was no trouble to watch, she always listened to whatever you said," says Mary Lewis.

Mary Lewis tells us sometimes Alexis would cry because she was so worried about her mom, "At her age where she shouldn't of had to be all grown up at once but she was like a little grown up when you talked to her," adds Mary Lewis.

The family tells us even through this tragedy they want everyone to remember the precious little girl, "She loved life she had planned on being a singer," says Vicky Lewis.

Buchanan's boyfriend Mark Johnson is still at Johnson City Medical Center and is expected to recover.

Police tell us the bodies of the mother and child were sent off for autopsies.

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