Johnson County

'Facebook murder' trials tentatively set for May

JOHNSON COUNTY, Tenn. - The four defendants in the so-called 'Facebook murders' in Johnson County, Tennessee were back in court Tuesday morning.

A preliminary May trial date was set for the three defendants yet to stand trial. Barbara and Jenelle Potter and Jamie Lynn Curd are each charged with two counts of first degree murder plus conspiracy to commit murder in connection to the 2012 killings of Billy Payne, Jr. and Billie Jean Hayworth.

They'll go back to court January 2 to determine if they will be tried together.

The judge did decide the trial will be held in Washington County, but the jury may be pulled from a different county due to publicity.

Meanwhile, Marvin Potter, who was convicted on two counts of murder earlier this month, was sentenced to 51 years on each count. They must be served consecutively. Click here to read more.

The sentence is effectively a life sentence given his age and amount of time he must spend in jail before being eligible for release.

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