Johnson City

Working alone, together

Rented office space

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - The business landscape has changed a lot during the past several years particularly when it comes to those who do their work online.

Spark Plaza looks like any other office when you walk in, but there is much more flowing beneath the surface here. We found out workers here do not share a common employer, they just share an office. 

It saves money and is a sign of changing times in business.

"Most people can do their work with a laptop and a cell phone," Spark Plaza Co-Owner Jose Castillo said. "The rise of co-working in the last few years has been based on mostly geeks with lap tops and cell phones, gathering together in coffee shops and then realizing, this is not designed for work. We need an office we can all share."

The cost, the risk, and the burden of being accountable to someone everyday are all shared. Another perk is the chance to have an office in the happening part of downtown. It is a prime location for any business that wants to grow.

"Being in an office space by yourself eight hours a day, you start to go crazy," tenant Kyle Long said. "You get a lot of work done but the silence is deafening. Here, there is a healthy flow of, some people might call it distraction, but I will call it networking."

"There is community, there's environment, there's a business space where you can talk with other professionals," Castillo added.  "You can have lunch and those water cooler conversations and it is also a business place to get work done."

And the work is getting done so well, several business people in Bristol have contacted Spark Plaza and the collective is currently looking for its next location to open soon in downtown Bristol.

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