Johnson City

WETS-FM Spring fund drive

JOHNSON CITY, TENN. - WETS-FM, the area's best known public radio station is depending on public support to stay on the air.

WETS-FM interrupts its regular programing  every Spring to ask listeners for tax-deductible donations.

Station director, Wayne Winkler says listener support is
the lifeblood of the station. "This is a big part of our budget, most of our budget comes from listener support." Winkler added. "We pay for programming, and pay for equipment and everything we need to operate. We get support from ETSU but listener support is the largest form of funding we have."

Last year, the station raised in the neighborhood of 400 thousand dollars and hope to raise a little more this year.

Broadcasting from its state of the art facility, WETS-FM, distributes
original programming to other stations around the country.

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