Johnson City

Weightlifting event at Olympic Training Center

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Athletes gathered at ETSU on Saturday for one of only two local weightlifting meets each year.

The Olympic Training Center for Weightlifting at ETSU sponsored the meet.

About 60 weight-lifters attended, including Shelbie Serpan,said Meg Stone, the director of the training center.

Serpan is ranked second in the nation for women's weightlifting.

Saturday's meet helps prepare the athletes for upcoming competitions, Stone told us.

"Basically the American Open is in December and you really need to have a meet at the end of September, beginning of October to just get the competitive juices flowing again," she said. "Then back off this meet a little bit then pick up the preparation for December."

Serpan had a personal record at the meet but she says she tried to treat it like any other competition.

"Each competition is different," Serpan told us. "It's a different platform, it's a different bar, it's a different environment but you've got to treat it all the same, so my mentality was just give it my best and that's all you can hope for."

She heads to the World Weightlifting Championship in Poland at the end of October.


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