Johnson City

Veteran's Day reenactment showcases American wars

Veteran's Day reenactment

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Two days before the nation salutes those who have served our country, visitors got a chance to experience some of the sights and sounds of war right here at home.

Saturday the 501st Group reenacted wartime life at the Winged Deer Park in Johnson City. The event was called "A Walk in Their Boots."

Reenactors and historians showcased camps, gear, equipment and vehicles from the Revolutionary War to the Vietnam War.

Cameron Thomas said he enjoys re-enacting the Vietnam War because he feels that it gives representation to a period so often ignored.

"It's really good, it just warms my heart when I see veterans really happy to see that I am doing stuff like this. That's mainly my reason of doing it," he said.

Event-goers got a chance to taste the rations and see what soldiers did to occupy themselves during their downtime.

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