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Tips for voters on election day

Polling Reminders

JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. - The Washington County, Tennessee election administrator says there are a few things voters can do to ease the process.

Tuesday is decision day and with the race for President coming down to the wire, polling sites are expected to be packed. "I think there will be long lines," says election administrator Maybell Stewart.

Election officials in Washington County, Tennessee tell us they expect close to 75 percent of the county's registered voters to cast a ballot in this election.

"There will be signs, we will do all we can to keep it moving smoothly," says Stewart.

She says voters can do their part as well by showing up at the polls prepared. The first step is having photo identification. "If you don't have that you will vote a provisional ballot," Stewart explains, "then you have two business days to come to our office with a photo ID."

Any government-issued photo ID will work; driver's service centers will be open Tuesday to make photo IDs for those who don't have one.

Another way to save time Tuesday -- double check your voting precinct. Voters can look up their precinct by using the state election website.  Click here to look up your voting precinct.

Poll workers will be ready to answer any questions about voting machines.

And as long as voters are in line by closing, they will be allowed to vote. 

If you have registered to vote and note received your voter card, you should contact your local election office. 

If you registered by mail and have not yet voted in person, you will need to bring a current photo ID.  If you need to use an expired photo ID you may do so as long as you also have your voter card or proof of address such as a utility bill, paycheck stub with your address listed, bank statement, etc.

If you have not voted in several elections you can check your voting status (active, inactive, purged) by clicking here or call your county election office.

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