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Students encourage others to make a difference on Earth Day

Students encourage others to make a difference on Earth Day

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Tuesday was Earth Day, a day when we focus on being more conscious when it comes to the environment.

Groups gathered at East Tennessee State University Tuesday for an Earth Day celebration to get people more aware of the harm they could be doing to the Earth. "We're getting people out here conscious. environmentally conscious. and knowing what's going on in the world around us," says Ben Schaller, president of the university's Environmental Conservation Organization.

He tells us there are small steps people can start taking to make a difference. "Turn your lights of when you're not in the room, keep your faucet off when your brushing your teeth, and ride a bike every once in a while. I mean, that's not a bad thing," he said. 

ETSU freshman Ashlyn York says there is one thing she does just about every day that doesn't require a lot of work -- recycling. "You can recycle paper, glass, cardboard. We have recycling bins all over, and it's just that easy to recycle," she said.

York tells us another thing she does to make a difference; she grows some of her own vegetables so she doesn't have to rely on stores. "We're so spoiled. We can just walk over to a store and buy our food, and we just don't require patience or anything. We need to learn how to make our own food, how to grow it and provide for ourselves," she said.

Ben Schaller says changes big and small are important to keeping our Earth beautiful. "There is no 'Planet B', you know. We really need to keep this one in check before we have no opportunities anywhere else, so we should probably keep this one nice," he said.

Schaller also tells us events like this one are important so students can get information about programs on-campus that help the environment.

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