Johnson City

Student ID mix-up could cost the Johnson City Schools

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - The Johnson City School System could have to shell out more than $12,000 after some students took home the wrong contact information.

We learned some of the student's Social Security numbers were on the forms at Woodland Elementary School.

Debra Bentley with Johnson City Schools says the mix-up affected six classrooms. She tells us students were given their contact information to take home so parents could update it, but some students got the wrong form.

Bentley says so far they've been notified by six families of the mix-up.

She says now the school system is offering a free year of credit protection coverage for students in those classrooms through "Life Lock" to protect their identities. "Certainly we have learned from this in terms of working with our principals, making sure they understand how critical it is that student information not be sent home in any form or fashion by the student or with the student," she said.

Bentley tells us one year of coverage for Life Lock cost $104 per family. She says if everyone asks for coverage, it could cost the school system over $12,000; Bentley says they aren't expecting that to happen.

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