Johnson City

Stocking up for winter weather

Jeff Bryant is a volunteer fire fighter in Erwin and he's at Lowe's in Johnson City, gearing up for winter weather.
"We're looking for chainsaw chaps, and gas cans. Getting ready for the storm basically, to pick up limbs and trees out of the road," says Bryant.

Lowe's Associate Store Manager, Jeremy Christian tells News 5, it's always good to be prepared, when bad weather is in the forecast.
"Some schools are already out, so people definitely need to take advantage of the time they've got now to go ahead and get preperations out of the way, so you have salt for when ice and snow comes in so you're ready and able to get out to work if possible," says Christian.

With another round of winter weather on the way, store managers say generators have been flying off the shelves, as customers prepare for this next winter storm.
"We actually had to order a whole other shipment of generators for the area. Not just this store here, everyone was pretty much sold out. We had other people coming from other areas to come get some from us," Christian continues.

Over at  a local grocery store, local resident Mary Booher says she's stocking up on food.
"Some groceries, just trying to get ready for the snow, just in case it comes. We've got a little one, so we don't want to be stranded at home with no food," says Booher.

Back at the home improvement store, Jeff Bryant says when it comes to snow and ice, it's better to be safe than sorry.
"Just have to take it as it comes, we never know what it's gonna be, it may be bad it may be minor."

At Lowe's, other than the generators, the other items people are buying are snow shovels, salt, and heaters.

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