Johnson City

Spay and neuter ordinance on hold in Johnson City

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - We've learned a spay and neuter ordinance in Johnson City is on hold after Thursday night's commission meeting.

Mayor Ralph Van Brocklin tells us the ordinance was deferred to clarify language and add strength to it. He hopes reviewing the plan will bring more support. The original version would require owners who's pets constantly end up in the shelter to spay or neuter them. If owners don't they could pay $25 for a special permit, unless a vet give them a waiver. Van Brocklin tells us this is important because last year 60 percent of their shelter animals were euthanized, "You want to have voluntary spay and neuter programs you want to have low cost spay and neuter programs unfortunately you don't get where you need to be just with those things and so that's why we're always looking at a mandatory spay and neuter for owners."

Mayor Van Brocklin believes the ordinance will pass once it's tweaked. 

The first reading will be held November 21st.

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