Johnson City

Soon-to-be doctors learn match to finish training

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - It was big news for local medical students Friday as they learned where they will finish out their training.

Senior medical students at East Tennessee State University were celebrating their match, or where they will go for residency training.

These soon-to-be doctors have no idea where they will spend the next several years of their lives until they read their match.

We caught up with one senior from Greeneville, Tennessee who will be attending her first choice Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond and explains the wait for the big news.

"Calling us each up individually handing us an envelope and Doug Taylor did a countdown and we all opened our envelopes at the same time. Inside was a piece of paper telling us where we were going, I was just really excited," said Elisabeth McGaw, ETSU medical student.

We've learned almost 70 percent of the class of 2013 will enter primary care fields of medicine, pediatrics, and internal medicine, as well as gynecology.

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