Johnson City

See what happens when a live power line is touched

How dangerous is touching a live power line?

You know power lines can be dangerous, but emergency workers got to see exactly what can happen when disaster strikes.

The Johnson City Power Board wanted the community to see why electric lineman is one of the most dangerous jobs in the U.S.

Global contractor Pike Electric brought a rolling substation to raise awareness of the dangers of working around electricity.

The three-member team showed the dangers of trees and power lines, and what can happen when power lines are touched while still conducive.

Johnson City Power Board safety manager Donnie Hall explained, "When the car hits the light pole and the lines come down, there is a potential there that will reconnect three different times and after that it phases out."

The training also showed the vast safety measures that the lineman go through and why they wear proper equipment in dealing with electricity. 

Want to see it in person? The demonstration will be available again on Tuesday at the Johnson City Power Board.

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