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School system helping students who saw classmate get hit by car

Helping students who saw classmate get hit by car

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - A young boy is still in the hospital, after being hit by a car before school Tuesday morning.

Some of his classmates saw the car hit Thomas Human while he was trying to get to his bus. Now the Johnson City School system is being proactive to help those students process what they saw.

There are counselors available to Human's classmates, as well as the students on the bus. 

Dr. Greg Wallace, Supervisor of Mental Health and Safety for Johnson City Schools told News 5 the counseling process starts with a conversation. "[We] discuss with [the kids] what the facts are. And certainly then decide what type of level of service that you're going to provide, either directly to students, or just let them know that you've got services there for them if they need it," said Wallace.

Children, especially young children, are egocentric, Wallace told News 5. That means they are more concerned with how something affects them personally. "Make sure that they feel safe," said Wallace. "You may even walk through some of the safety procedures, go over those again that you have in the school. Let them know that schools are still very safe, bus stops are very safe, busses are very safe."

The school system's primary concern right now is reassuring the kids who saw the accident.

Thomas Human, weeks away from his eighth birthday, just started third grade at North Side Elementary. "It can happen in an instant," said Human. "He was standing there, and just one second later he was laying on the road."

Thomas stepped onto East Fairview Avenue, trying to get to his bus, but stepped right in front of a car. He now has two pins in his left leg and his head is swollen from a skull fracture.

Thomas' dad says there are no hard feelings towards the woman who hit his son. "We're lucky it was a small car and she was doing the speed limit," said Human. "It wasn't her fault"

Thomas will be in the hospital for a few more days. His leg will heal, but the emotions of others may take some time. "Kids may need some very, very intensive support for a very long time. It just depends on the situation," said Wallace.

The woman who hit Thomas Human was not cited in the accident.

Wallace says every school has extensive support available for any student who many need help for any reason, not just related to this particular incident.

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