Johnson City

Salvation Army sees increase at shelter

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - With the bone-chilling temperatures this week, the Salvation Army has been busy housing more people than usual.

The director of the Center of Hope in Johnson City, Scott Blevins, tells us the shelter has around 110 beds; Monday night all the beds but five were filled.

Blevins tells us they put a white flag up outside of the shelter to warn people about the extreme weather conditions.

He says the flag helped bring in additional people and warn them about what the night could bring. "We have one fellow come in [Tuesday] that had a medical issue, and we had him go to the hospital. If he would have stayed out last night, he could have probably had some serious injuries from that," he said.

Blevins says they can also use any types of donations, especially blankets, during the winter months, as well as food for people who choose to leave the shelter that they can take with them.

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