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Runners raise money to help bombing victims

Runners raise money to help bombing victims

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Tuesday, April 15th marks one year since two homemade bombs went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring 264.

A group of athletes from Cleveland, Tennessee is taking a direct path to honor the victims and raise money for charity.

"We're out here running to Boston"

A run that will take 8 days, 9 states and cover 1,075 miles

 "So we can stand with the City of Boston. We wanted to do more than just fund raise. We wanted to Bring them the check," said runner Jamie Barks.

They set out from Cleveland Saturday with a goal of raising 50 thousand dollars, but the group tells News 5 they've raised almost 60 thousand for two charities.

" Dream Big!, which is a Boston-based organization helping girls in the Boston area," said Matt Ryerson. "And the One Step Ahead Foundation which helps children with prosthetics. So a lot of the victims who lost limbs will get free prosthetic limbs from this organization.

Johnny Clemons is one of twenty six runners making the trip. He wasn't in Boston in 2013, but Clemons has run the race before.

" My wife has been down there at the finish line standing there with my kids right where the bombs went off," said Clemons. "It kind of hit home to me that I needed to do something to help out."

The Run Now group is helping out by moving around the clock. Some runners taking short stints; others, bigger chunks.There is always someone knocking down miles.

"I'm about to complete my second marathon right now," said Clemons. "Did one last night, so that'll be roughly 54 miles in 24 hours."

Running to let the people of Beantown know that Tennessee is Boston Strong.

The Run Now Relay is scheduled to arrive in Boston April 20th.  The Boston Marathon is April 21st.

Clemons is running 26.2 miles every day for his part of the distance, and plans on racing in the Boston Marathon on arrival.

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