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Residents say Johnson City bar is too loud

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Residents of the Tanglewood subdivision in Johnson City said they're losing sleep and property value because of some neighboring businesses.

A nearby strip mall that is home to a number of businesses, including the local bar 'Electric Cowboy,' is quiet during the day. But when the nightlife gears up so does the noise.

"It sounds like real loud thunder, and you can feel it in the ground," said Tanglewood property owner Frances Ponder.

Johnson City Commissioner Jane Myron told News 5 she's gotten calls from residents in the Tanglewood neighborhood for nearly nine years about loud music coming from the Electric Cowboy. "Last Wednesday night, I got a call and the people had gone outside on their patio. I could hear it over the phone. Now that's too loud," Myron said.

At a neighborhood meeting Tuesday night, residents and property owners told city officials they can also hear beer bottles clanging into dumpsters.

They worry even selling their homes won't be an option. "Definitely our property is losing value," said Ponder. "The house two houses up from mind sold $100,000 less than the prior [sale]."

City officials explained the strip mall was signed under much laxer zoning codes from the 1980s, so finding an enforcement solution now might be tough.

One of the managers of the Electric Cowboy said they are trying to be a good neighbor. "Every bit of information that I've received in there, I'm definitely taking to corporate to make sure that we can see the things that we can change positively," said Tracy Costello, the day manager of the Electric Cowboy.

One of the things these residents are asking for is for a wall to be built that will clearly separate the neighborhood from the strip mall.

Johnson City Police Chief Mark Sirois, who acted as the moderator of the meeting, said the next step is more conversations with the businesses in that area, as well a follow-up meeting in the coming weeks.

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