Johnson City

Rep. Roe talks about Obama lawsuit

JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. - We caught up with Representative Phil Roe at the Jonesborough Farmer's Market today.

One of the topics was the House of Representative's lawsuit against President Obama. Roe tells us representatives from the House met with constitutional scholars in Washington before deciding to sue the president.

They think he went against the constitution's separation of powers by changing the law through executive order, and the lawsuit is more about separation of powers than Republicans versus Democrats.

Roe even thinks the lawsuit could go to the country's highest court. "Forget the name of the president. It's about the separation of powers. I think this case will probably go to the Supreme Court," he told us. "I'm not an attorney, but these legal scholars said they felt like the House had standing, meaning it had been harmed."

No House Democrats voted for the measure. Five House Republicans voted against it.

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